Why Oak Cliff?

Immerse yourself in the Texas culture of West Dallas. A community full of entertainment, opportunity and good eatin. You may feel like you are in a small Texas town, but you can zip into downtown Dallas in less than five minutes. Five minutes to downtown night life, Dallas Mavericks basketball and Stars hockey. Located right off the I-30, shoot over to Arlington in 15 minutes to check out the Dallas Cowboys…in Arlington…

But of course, as those of us that already live here know; you don’t have to leave Oak Cliff. And once you get settled in, you might go a few weeks and realize you haven’t been North of I-30 in a while.

The Oak Cliff community is diverse with beautiful craftsman architecture that is a refreshing contrast from the high rise steel that make up the Dallas skyline. We believe that some of the best homes ever built were built between 1920 and 1960. “They don’t build ’em like they used to” and that is the truth. The majority of the homes built in this era were built with much more integrity.

When the pioneers of Dallas started developing the city they built Downtown and then started heading North. A few years back, they reached Oklahoma and decided they best turn around. South and West Dallas were largely undervalued for decades. But that didn’t stop a vibrant community from flourishing.

Honey Bee Properties welcomes the influx of development into Oak Cliff. It is after all, a valuable asset. And we believe that development is best when locally owned.

Oak Cliff is a Sweet Spot!

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