Honey Bee Properties opened our first AirBnB recently at the end of 2018. This project was an exciting one because we are piggy backing on the investments of one of our favorite developers.

The best thing that can happen to a community is for what already exist, to be made valuable again. You can call it what you want. Sustainable development. Gentrification. Re-purposing and redevelopment.

When Monte Anderson bought and redeveloped the Belmont Hotel, he preserved the architectural value of Charles Dilbeck’s original design. Had a local developer who cared about the history and integrity of this building not boughten the property, monetized it, and brought its value back, chances are outside developers could have bought it for its views and proximity to Downtown, and bulldozed the lot for cheaply built apartments.

After ten years, Monte sold his Belmont Hotel and invested in purchasing the Tyler Station warehouse.

Tyler Station was long abandoned and was an industrial property, leaving tons of waste and mess behind. The property has now been redeveloped into a Class A mixed use warehouse. You can rent an office. You can rent a retail space. You can open a business. You can sell products. You can produce products.

Our AirBnB home is right across the street from the Tyler Station development. It is a four bedroom two bath 1950s rancher house…and it is stunning. Flush with custom features of comfort and pragmatism that is becoming a staple of Honey Bee Properties.

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