unexpected surprises

Buying old houses is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Did I use that quote in correct context? I think so.

As you get more experienced in what to expect with these old houses, you can assume the worst, and the surprises are then usually blessings.

Years ago when we started in this business, every wall we would open up would be met with a deep conversation about how much money would need to be spent to fix what we had found.

Oh there’s knob and tube wiring? Great, we budgeted to replace the electrical work in the whole entire house. Oh the previous homeowner already had the kitchen and the master bedroom rewired, just not the living room and kids rooms. That is great! we are going to save on half our budget.

My personal favorite was when we bought a triplex and the garage in the back had two thousand dollars worth of usable materials in it!

In remodeling old house we have found Old light fixtures that we are pumped to reuse. We have found shiplap covered walls, and my personal favorite is peeling back some nasty carpet and finding some beautiful 90 year old hardwoods. Nothing brings us joy like refinishing old hardwoods.

Business and life are full of unexpected turns and twists, and if you haven’t realized by now you will probably have very little control over that. You must have the skill set and mindset that enables you to adapt to new challenges and overcome the adversity. Because that is when you find the gold…or chocolate… or whatever you are searching for.

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