BiggerPockets Conference 2019

BiggerPockets held its first conference since 2012 in Nashville, TN last week. Honey Bee Properties was in attendance at the show and found a wealth of value thru both the educational sessions and networking. BiggerPockets has been a leading authority in the information space of real estate investing for around 8 years now. BiggerPockets is a great resource real estate investors and business owners. Being a free information platform, the BiggerPockets Blog and Podcast has filled a market gap to the Real Estate Investment community that used to exist behind questionable guru pay to play models, and board rooms of the generational family businesses.

We attended the BiggerPockets conference to further develop business relationships that had previously only existed online, to interact with market leaders and learn best practice in our space. The BiggerPockets conference drew over a thousand people, and hosted keynote speakers Brandon Turner, Josh Dorkin, David Osborne, and many other breakout sessions.

Honey Bee Properties President – Sam White (left)
BiggerPockets Founder – Josh Dorkin (right)

Some of the industries best owners and operators were in attendance at this event, sharing their experiences and tactics for achieving success in single family investing, multi family rentals, vacation rentals, and the newly emerging space that is opportunity zones.

Honey Bee Properties is thrilled to have been a part of the 2019 BiggerPockets conference. The BP community has been a pivotal partner in the growth of Honey Bee Properties. As both continue to grow, we look forward to future collaborations and partnerships within this community.

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